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Why PilotExams?

Pilotexams.com was designed by aviators, for aviators. The practice exam content that we have curated over many years, is the result of hundreds of hours of careful question content building by certified instructors and professional pilots. Content that touches every area of the Transport Canada exam, delivered by an pro test engine that helps you with your weak areas, all backed by a Money Back Guarantee.


Practice Exams For Private and Professional Pilots

Whether you just signed up for private pilot school, or you’re upgrading to your commercial or instrument rating, we’re here to help you along your aviation journey. Our exams will give you the knowledge and confidence to walk in and ace that Transport Canada exam!

How do I get started?


If you’re a student studying for your Private or Commercial license, or are looking to get your Instrument Rating, we can get you started today. Simply select the practice exam you want, you’ll be forwarded to our Test Prep platform purchase screen. As soon as you purchase, you can get started, taking questions, and zoning into where you need to improve!

Flight Schools

If you manage a flight school or flight academy, PilotExams.com is here to support your students. Offering discounts to flight schools, we can help you purchase bulk exams at a discount, and you can easily distribute them to your students. Reach out to info@pilotexams.com for more information.

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